Unique Style

Kafayé Clarke born November 25th, 1996,  known by his stage name, Kafayé, is a Jamaican-Canadian hip-hop artist.  Born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in the Caribbean, his sound and vocal texture have been shaped by his experiences.

Growing up in a Jamaican household, he was immersed in a home embracing arts and culture. From a young age, Kafayé performed reggae, jazz, and blues covers.  Freudian remains a soundtrack to an important part of his life.  Some of his greatest influencers include Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean.

In 2017, Kafayé started to take his music career seriously when he began writing his own music.

His diverse and highly musical upbringing is evident in his experimental sound.  It mixes Caribbean influences with the energy and sounds of Toronto streets to create a unique vocal texture.

Kafayé released his debut EP Fleur in 2020, which includes ‘Lady of the Night Remix’ (ft. M1RZA), ‘Cake,’ and ‘Pray for Me’ (feat. LAZz & WALT).  He followed up with ‘Back and Forth,’ ‘GHOST,’ and his feature on ‘SLOW BURN’ by yungbakugo.

From performing on large stages alongside Reggae greats like Beres Hammond and Nadine Sutherland, to raging in mosh-pits as a member of “No Tourists,” Kafayé shines brightest when he is on stage.

His music curation is driven by the unknowns and challenges in life.  To date, his biggest accomplishment has been the friends and associates he has made, all of whom have become family.  For Kafayé, soul music is simply “me trying to understand myself.”  His humble nature, eclipsed by the ferocity of his vocals and his remarkable stage presence, makes him truly special.  

  • Kafayé is a man with a story.  So, what’s up next?  Find out when he drops his 12-track EP, Far from Perfect, led by ‘Don’t Go Out’ and ‘By Your Side.’