A life mission

Purpose 10 v3.jpg


Nov 25th, 2021

For her first project Tahira the Canadian singer/songwriter wants to show the world  her versatility, and her perseverance through her 6 song EP “Purpose”. While growing up in London, Ontario, Tahira quickly learned that navigating life and relationships wasn’t an easy thing to do. While expressing herself in person was somewhat challenging, the right words just seemed to flow to her whenever she was in the booth. Combining her love of entertaining people and her passion for singing Tahira naturally gravitated towards music. After a few difficult years Tahira realized that making music was her “Purpose” in life and appropriately named her debut project so.


   At just 18 years old Tahira is still perfecting her craft, finding her vocal range, and playing with genre boundaries. For this project she decided to stick within her lane and focus on hip-hop and RnB. Tahira really wants to put out some of her work that will offer an introduction for new coming fans. Although being offered features from several notable Toronto artists, Tahira decided it would be best to keep her project simple and only feature two artists (NK and Kid Kwazii) who showed love before she started making a name for herself. Tahira Also followed suit with the project’s production by keeping it all in house with her close associates. Purpose features production work from Pretty Boy Ron, Smikent, and Bamt & Austin PYO 

   Everything you do in life from morning until night has a meaning, every action has a purpose